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Bentley Mulliner


Founded by H.J. Mulliner, the company was an independent coach builder until it was ultimately acquired by Bentley Motors.


Mulliner is now Bentley's bespoke division. In additional the Mulliner badged models in Bentley's regular lineup, Mulliner handles customer requests for customization of Bentley automobiles.

Bentley Mulliner can build complete B6 rated limousines capable of withstanding gun fire and multiple grenade explosions at the same time. A B6 rated Arnage cost around £200,000 on top of the normal car. In addition to the extreme amount of personalization available through Bentley Mulliner, the car could be ordered in a stretch wheelbase.1)

Bespoke Coachbuilding
Mulliner, it was announced in 2016, is returning to custom coachbuilding. At the Geneva Auto Show, Bentley unveiled the Grand Limousine, a custom limo built from the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne.

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