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Bentley Marketing

Bentley has been progressive in their marketing under Volkswagen Group management. They have used social media, customer events, and marketing partnerships to promote the Bentley Brand.

To promote the new SUV, Bentley marked the sides of the Bentayga with the URL for Bentley's promotiional website in large letters.

Power on Ice Event

To demonstrate Bentley Continental GT's cold climate capabilities, Bentley Power on Ice programme returned in February 2013, allowing existing owners, enthusiasts and aspiring drivers the chance to explore the extreme limits of the Continental GT on the frozen lakes of northern Finland.1)

Vertu Partnership

In 2014, high end luxury phone maker Vertu signed a five year agreement2) with Bentley to produce 5 phones. The phones will include Bentley design elements and provide owners and Bentley enthusiasts with exclusive access to Bentley experiences and the latest Bentley content.

The first phone featured featured an exterior of leather, titanium, sapphire, adorned with metal Bentley logos. Inside, the phone featured Vertu's concierge service along with specific Bentley apps to deliver Bentley news and exclusive content the the phone's owner. 2000 examples were produced and went on sale in October 2014 at $17,100 a piece.3)

Ettinger of London Partnership

As part of the Continental GT Convertible launch, Ettinger of London produced leather goods under the Bentley Collection label to complement the new colour Breeze created for Continental GT Convertible, which included iPhone case and the Blackberry case, leather loop keyring and key case.

Breitling For Bentley

The Breitling and Bentley partnership has produced several wristwatches over the past years.

As part of Continental GT V8 launch, Breitling SA created a 250-piece limited edition of its Bentley GMT chronograph (based on the Breitling Calibre 47B) featuring a second time-zone display. 4)

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