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Bentley Brooklands Wiki

In 2007, Bentley announced “the world's most exclusive coupe.” The four seat coupé was a fixed roof version of the Arnage based Azure. Designed by Dirk van Braeckel, it had more rear seat legroom than the Azure because of the extra space created by the removal of the Azure's retractable roof.

The 18 ft long Brooklands featured a 6.75l turbo V8, with 530bhp and 774 lb ft of torque. Available in only rear wheel drive, power reached the wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission with lock-up torque converter. Gears could manually selected via the gear change lever.

The Brooklands was light on technology and very heavy on power, size, and luxury. Each car was hand built and, with options, was nearly $400,000 USD.

Only 550 copies of the Bentley Brooklands were to be built. According to VW Group sales data, it appears only 432 were completed. 186 were imported to the U.S. 1)

The Brooklands could be customized in many ways, but popular options included the upgraded Naim stereo, the motorized, retractable hood ornament, and the Sports Specification with carbon ceramic brakes.

We've begun compiling information on the Brooklands in a registry format to measure the frequency of certain options. You can view the registry here: Brooklands Registry.

Production Data

Year Units
2007 8
2008 312
2009 106
2010 6
Total 432 2)


Category Description
Engine 6.75l, twin turbo, V8, gas engine
Transmission Six speed automatic with selectable gears via shifter
Wheels 20“ Wheels
Brakes Optional carbon ceramic brakes
Length: 213.0” (5,411 mm)
Wheelbase: 122.7“ (3,116 mm)
Weight: 5,843 lbs
0-60mph: 5.0 seconds
Top Speed 183.9 mph


Source for US import numbers needed
VW Annual Reports
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