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Continental GT (2012-)

The second generation GT debuted with the 2012 model year. The car was an evolution of the first generation Continental. For this generation, the Flying Spur took on a completely separate look from the GT and GTC and would drop the Continental name.

Although the new Continental was an evolution of the first, most of its components were reengineered. The 6.0l W12 was carried over but the car received a new ZF transmission. For the 2013 model year, a new 4.0l V8 was sourced from Audi's RS7. The 500hp V8 boasted 40% better fuel economy while maintaining Bentley-like acceleration. Due to its 55 lb weight reduction, many journalists praised it as the best handling Bentley yet.

The body of the 2012 GT was all new, as was the interior. This included a significant updating of all in-cabin technology.


2012 was the first year for the 2nd generation GT and GTC. The cars were released with the following models and engines.

Curb weight for the new GT was reduced from 5,180 lbs to 5,115 lbs.

Model Name Engine
Continental GT & GTC 6.0l W12 - 635hp
Continental GT Speed & GTC Speed 6.0l W12


Special Editions: Le Mans Edition - Introduction of the 4.0l twin-turbo V8 with 500 hp and 486 lb ft of torque - V8 model weighed 55lbs less than the W12 solely due to the reduction in engine weight - V8 has chrome taillight trim - W12 also received new ZF eight speed transmission


- New switches in center console for heated and cooled seats - Chrome trim around taillights becomes standard


Special Editions: Concours Series Black Edition (V8 S), GT3-R (2015 Model Year), London Edition (2015 Model Year)

- Concours Series option pack debuts, blacks out all brightwork trim on exterior - V8 S debuts. Package adds GT Speed like handling characteristics to the V8 model. Power increases to 521 hp


The Continental GT received a mild refresh for the '16 model year. The Bentayga's Flying B side vent was introduced to a new front fender, which featured a harder line than the previous year's. The car also had new front and rear fascias were updated and a smaller front grill.

Inside, the gauge cluster featured new graphics and the Mulliner diamond quilted seats had a new smaller, diamond pattern.


The 2017 model year saw no significant changes to the '16 body style but did see more power out of the GT Speed's W12 engine. Bentley emphasized color with new recommended color schemes that included Cyber Yellow and Bright Red aero trim on the cars. The Black Edition debuted this year with completely blacked out exterior trim.

The GT Speed received a 7 horsepower bump. An all new Supersports debuted with 700 horsepower and new unique veneers. The all new 2019 Continental GT was unveiled in the fall along with a Final Edition of the outgoing car. Production of the 2nd gen Continental GT is expected run into the 2018 model year.

Special Editions: Kobra Edition (V8 S), Supersports (2017), Galene Edition

Special Editions

Concours Series Black Edition

The Concours Series Black Edition was an option package for 2015 & 2016. Available for the GT V8S, the Concours Series Black Edition featured 21“ black wheels, “Concours Series” badges, door sill plates, and embroidered headrests. Many of the Concours Series Black interiors were Beluga (black) with Piano Black woodwork, although some cars were specified with a complementary second hide like Hotspur (red). The chrome trim on the exterior of the car was blacked out and the headlights and tail lights were tinted dark. The 2015 price for the option was $10,135.


The GT3 was the race car version of the street going GT V8. Available to private racing teams, the car used a 4.0l V8 and weighed in 1000lbs lighter than it's street going version. Read the GT3's racing resume here.

GT3-R (2015 Model Year)

The GT3-R was inspired by Bentley's race winning Continental GT3, which was campaigned in the Blancpain Endurance Series in Europe and in the Pirelli World Challenge in North America. The GT3-R was 220lbs lighter than the standard GT V8S. Thanks to an ECU tune, the 4.0l, twin turbo V8 produced 572hp. When combined with a lower final gear ratio, it could accelerate from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

The car was the first Bentley to feature torque vectoring through the car's all wheel drive system. This system, combined with the car's ESC and a suspension tune, led Bentley to claim it the best handling road going Bentley ever built.

The GT3-R was announced as only available in Glacier White with two-tone green graphics that traced the two prominent power lines to the side profile of the car. Later, Bentley allow certain cosmetic changes to be special ordered. Orders could be placed for cars without the graphics but the rear wing was required.

6 Beluga (black) cars were imported to the U.S. Most of these had the white car's Beluga interior with green accents, but at least one was sold with Hotspur (red) accents, and one with white on the interior instead of green. Bentley didn't allow customers to change the GT3-R logo, so those all remained green regardless of interior accent color. Other exterior colors ordered included at least one in St. James Red, Moonbeam, and a dark gray, which we do not have the name of.

The cars also featured a new carbon fiber front splitter, balanced by a new fixed rear wing also finished in carbon fiber. The exterior was further differentiated from the regular Continental GT with gloss black headlamp bezels, matrix grille, window surrounds and bumper strips. Completing the look were all-new lightweight 21” wheel finished in gloss black. Under the hood, the 4.0l V8 got a special carbon fiber engine cover.

The interior featured a two seat configuration trimmed in Beluga (black) leather and diamond quilted Alcantara with green accents. Instead of a rear seat, the GT3-R had a nicely trimmed cargo area similar to the previous generation's Supersports model.

All GT3-Rs had numbered tread plates in the entries. 300 examples were produced. The car was one of the most expensive production Bentleys ever with a sales price of $337,000.

99 were imported to the US, 4 to Canada, 30 to China. Read about unique versions of the GT3-R at the GT3-R Registry.

London Edition (2015)

A limited run for the Chinese market. The so called London Edition models were limited to four cars whose colors schemes were chosen by Mulliner for their association with London, which is popular with the Chinese.

Kobra Edition (2016)

A special edition for the Russian market. Limited to six cars, Mulliner customized V8 S models as a tribute to an aeronautical maneuver made famous by Russian test pilots.

Supersports (2017)

The Supersports returned for 2017 for the third time in Bentley's history. Like the last Supersports, the new car represents the pinnacle of performance for the Continental GT.

Bentley engineers reworked the bottom end of the 6.0l W12 with stronger internals. This was required to support the increased boost from new turbos that helped the Supersports have 700hp.

There were several design details inside and out to distiguish the Supersports from the rest of the Continental lineup. The Supersports had a new front bumper, hood vents like the first Continental Supersports, and unique wheels. Inside it had a custom carbon fiber pattern for the veneers and the ability to specify a third interior color on the seats, which had diamond stitching unique to the Supersports.

Galene Edition (2017)

The Galene Edition was a limited edition Continental GTC created to celebrate Bentley’s partnership with U.K. luxury yacht builder, Princess Yachts. Princess was a corporate sponsor of Bentley’s factory effort in the Blancpain GT racing series.

The Galene Editions were based on the Continental GTC 4.0l and featured unique cosmetic changes including special paints, dashboard veneers, and Sequin Blue bright work. 1)

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